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All You Need To Know About Canvas Art

by Black Cat Canvas on

At Black Cat Canvas, we are experts in Canvas Wall Art and Canvas Wall Prints! 

You may have seen or heard about cheap canvas wall art prints across the internet and the wide range of styles they cover.

Here at Black Cat Canvas we are your canvas art experts and in this blog post we will teach you everything you need to know about canvas wall art prints and how they can be the perfect compliment to your home!

What Is A Canvas Print?

Firstly what is a canvas print? It is not to be mistaken for canvas painting which involves the manual action of painting onto a canvas board. Canvas wall art print involves the process of an image being printed onto canvas via an inkjet printer. After the canvas has been printed onto, the canvas itself is then stretched onto its frame. This process is referred to as the gallery-wrapping technique and involves the canvas being wrapped tightly around the stretcher bars and then secured to the frame for a seamless finish.

Generally people get confused between acrylic prints, mounted print and canvas wall art prints. An acrylic print involves an image that is printed onto photographic paper. This paper is then inserted between two sheets of acrylic, commonly referred to as plexiglass. A mounted print involves a paper print that is then attached to a backing board. When you compare these three various prints you will notice that the canvas prints have the most artistic feel as it they have a similar appearance to oil and acrylic paintings.

What Is Canvas Made Of?

Canvas is a durable and strong fabric that is made out of hemp. In the 21st century hemp has commonly been replaced with other fabrics such as linen and cotton. It is most common these days for canvas wall art prints to be made out of cotton or polyester fabric. The biggest difference between between these two fabrics is the accuracy of the colour.

Colour bleeds into the cloth of cotton fibres however it remains on the surface of polyester strands as they are synthetic. Due to this prints that are made with polyester are brighter in colour and those made from cotton last longer.

You may be wondering which of the two is better? It comes down to what you are looking for. Most people believe that canvas wall art prints made from cotton are of higher quality and look closer to what you would find inside an art gallery. Polyester, however, is more of an affordable option and also provides a beautiful vibrant coloured print.

Types Of Canvas Wall Art Print Layouts

There are a wide range of canvas types and choices that can suit different areas depending on the space and layout of your room and wall space. If you’re trying to decide which type of canvas wall art prints are best suited to your space take a look at our advice below:

Single Canvas: This type of canvas are the perfect option for large standout pieces. They are also great for smaller areas of the home where more than one canvas print feels too much.

Multi-panel: If you have the wall space in your house to incorporate more than one canvas you may want to incorporate some multi-panelled art into your house. Whether you incorporate 2,3, or even 10 canvas wall art prints you can create beautiful layouts to suit and fit any space.

Popular Designs For Canvas Prints

At Black Cat Canvas, you can choose canvas wall art prints to compliment and suit your own style, preferences, room layout or design. You can even use your own design for a customisable print. Here are a few of the most popular canvas wall art designs to help inspire the interior design of your home.

Modern: Modern canvas wall art prints incorporate bold colours, intriguing shapes and patterns.

Family Photo: Whether you have a great photo from your tropical family holiday or professional photos taken in a studio, these are popular canvas wall art designs for your home.

Abstract: Designs that feature more abstract art or patterns are a great way to incorporate liveliness into minimalistic interiors.

Inspirational Quotes: It is common for families to use an inspirational quote to motivate viewers as well as livening up any room within the home.

Pets: Those who have exceptionally photogenic pets like to feature them in their canvas wall art prints. A cute photo of an animal will be sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who enters the room. It is also a good conversation starter.

Landscapes: Landscape shots are a no-brainer for people who like to fill the space with a feeling of peace and serenity. It’s important to make sure that the image is of high quality before printing.

Maps: Map designs are another popular design for canvas wall art prints as they bring a sense of location and depth. These are also a great conversation starter.

Black Cat Canvas is an Australian owned and operated business that sells Canvas Wall Art and Canvas Wall Prints online. We've operated for over 10+ years and have sold thousands of beautiful canvas wall prints to customers in not just Australia, but all over the world! We offer FREE International shipping. Our competitve prices are among the cheapest you'll find online and our huge range of prints to choose from means there is something for every member of the family. Besides Canvas Prints, we also sell Custom Canvas Prints! This means that you can send us any picture that you would like transformed into Canvas wall art and we will do our best to make that request a reality! 

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